Buckwheat Bread Recipe

Buckwheat Bread Recipe

This bread takes some time, but the hands on portion is maybe around 10-15 minutes. Everything else is just letting the fermentation process work it’s magic!

Ingredients For Buckwheat Bread Recipe:

  •  Organic buckwheat
  • Water
  • Salt
  • Honey or maple syrup
  • Optional seeds

Directions for the best Buckwheat Bread Recipe:

Step 1: Add 500 grams of raw buckwheat groats to a glass or ceramic bowl. Cover with 600ml of filtered water. Stir and cover with a plate or tea towel and leave on the countertop for 12-24 hours. I use this brand of organic buckwheat that comes in 500g packages: https://amzn.to/3r1F0ds

Step 2: After 12-24 hours, the groats will have absorbed all the water. They will be slimy (this is good! Do NOT rinse!) and may or may not have sprouted (don’t worry if they have or haven’t – the bread will turn out great either way). Into the same bowl, add 150ml filtered water, a teaspoon of salt and a teaspoon of honey. Use an immersion blender to blend everything together. You may also dump everything into a food processor, then return to the same bowl. Cover, and let sit for another 24 hours on the counter.

Step 3: After 24 hours, the batter will be frothing, foaming and bubbling. Some spots more than others. It will smell a bit (or a lot) funky. This is good news! Now is the time to add in any flavourings you’d like. You can keep it plain (delicious), or you can try adding hemp seeds, sesame seeds, chia seeds or flax. I love making an everything bagel version (poppy seeds, sesame seeds, granulated onion and garlic). You could also try cinnamon raisin or herb and garlic (granulated garlic, dried dill, dried parsley, dried coriander). The possibilities are endless, and there’s no need to measure your add ins – use as much or as little as you want!)

Gently mix in your add-ins, then transfer to a greased and lined loaf pan. Bake at 350F for 50-90 minutes, until a toothpick inserted into the middle comes out clean. Let cool in the pan, then slice, TOAST, and enjoy!


Question: Most recipes I’ve seen firmly recommend to rinse the buckwheat after soaking (they all say the water is slimy). I’d like to know why you don’t recommend to rinse it.

Answer: The water IS slimy but it’s all part of the magic of what makes this bread ferment and rise so nicely. Rinsing it after soaking washes away much of the good bacteria needed to ferment the dough. Also, it’s one less step! 🙂

Question: Can you share if you use buckwheat flour instead of groats. I am lost as to what to do with buckwheat flour. I made cinnamon, cranberry bread with it a modified recipe from biblical nutritionist. I did not like it one bit. So pls help.

Answer: Unfortunately I don’t think this recipe would work with buckwheat flour since it’s usually made from roasted buckwheat groats. There may be other recipes out there for buckwheat flour bread but I doubt this one would work.

Question: Can i use buckwheat flour instead ? How much water should i put?

Answer: I’ve never tried this with buckwheat flour..not sure if it would ferment like a sourdough starter. Buckwheat flour is also usually make with roasted buckwheat and the flavor profile will also be very different.

Question: Uh, so what’s it like not toasted, how does it hold up to heavy sandwich layers? I don’t like toasted bread it tears the epithilium in my mouth and causes sores.

Answer: It still tastes delicious, just with a bit more of a sourdough tang! Just make sure you bake it enough so it’s absolutely not gummy inside anymore (occasionally this can happen and toasting dries it out a bit before eating).

Question: How long dose this keep for please and how do I store it away.

Answer: I usually store it in a large Ziploc bag. In the fridge, around a week. In the freezer, probably 1-2 months though it never lasts that long around here 😉

Question: Yummy recipe! Can’t wait to try it? Can I use maple syrup instead of honey? What size is the tin you used? Should I grease the tin or use parchment paper before baking it into the oven? Thank for sharing.

Answer: Hi , of course you can definitely use maple syrup. I used a 9×5 inch glass loaf pan but cooking times vary depending on the material (metal vs glass vs ceramic). I use butter or oil and parchment paper to make sure nothing sticks.

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