A massive passion for food is the main driving force behind Sophreakin’ Good.

Focused on grain free, simple and healthy creations, these recipes mix Eastern European, Mediterranean and North American influences to create something truly unique.

I have been creating paleo recipes for several years, and this is where I get to share them with you! Paleo isn’t a diet – it’s a mindset; a paradigm shift that focuses on real food, real ingredients and nourishing our bodies with what we were designed to eat. These recipes contain no grains, gluten, refined sugars, legumes or refined crop oils. They do occasionally contain cultured dairy, which is delicious and nutritious for those that can tolerate it. It’s all about finding what works for you!

As always, my top tips for anyone considering a healthier lifestyle are this:

  1. Stop eating processed foods – this includes packaged pseudo food, poor quality restaurant food and man-made foods that don’t exist in nature.
  2. If something does comes in a package, read the ingredients!
  3. You can’t outrun your fork – exercise is great, but food is the foundation!

This blog is a reality thanks to the loving support of my family and friends.
I welcome you all to my virtual kitchen!

Paleo Sharlotka (Russian Apple Pie)