Inspired by the impressions that food leaves behind, The Parchment Project documents pieces of parchment paper after they’ve been taken out of the oven and emptied of their contents. A delicate interplay of negative space and silhouettes, there is a story to be told by each piece. The even polka dots left behind by cookies, the abstract patterns left behind by roasted vegetables – all of these pieces of parchment hold clues about what was once there and provide a glimpse into the everyday food of my kitchen.

roasted chinese eggplant
acorn squash with cinnamon
spatchcocked chicken
kale chips
plantain focaccia with tomatoes
roasted potatoes and sweet potatoes
pork shoulder chops
chicken wings
coconut banana cookies with raisins
red shepherd peppers
salmon steaks
cauliflower florets
pork ribs
plantain flatbread with za’atar